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Aniket Kumar has worked with companies in the field of technology and software, so have great knowledge about latest technology and trends that are happening in the field of technology and software.

He is also part time blogger and thus note down his experiences in the form of blogs related to technology on different platforms.

Tips to Consider While Choosing Android App Developer

by Aniket Kumar, Guest Contributor Smartphones have become an indispensable part of everyone’s lives. Customers find their phones so handy that literally, they want every service to be accessible through their phones. From banking to e-wallet, shopping to travelling, socializing to entertainment, and almost for rest everything there are mobile apps. In fact, the trend has become so that if a particular service is not available through a mobile app, then customers don’t hesitate to give

The topmost challenges faced by developers while developing FinTech applications

Business application development for financial services providers has come a long way. It has transcended the traditional boundaries to ensure data optimization, security, compliance, scalability, agility, and innovation, which are the need of the hour. On the other hand, banking, insurance, and other financial institutions want to deploy FinTech (Financial Technologies) such as cloud, IoT (Internet of Things), intelligent automation, AI (Artificial Intelligence), big data, analytics, and more t

Six Prominent Bespoke Software Development Trends Dominating 2021 & Beyond

Aniket Kumar, Business Analyst at Kellton Tech, talks about current and future software development trends The global pandemic situation has reshaped the IT sector dramatically. Its impact is here to stay and is expected to influence the industry for a little longer because of the increased adoption of digital technologies during the post-pandemic era. As a result, the bespoke software development London has now become an essential necessity rather than just being a buzzword for many niche indu

The Struggles of Small Businesses: 5 Ways to Overcome the Barriers

When the thrill of beginning with entrepreneurship settles down and managing overhead costs and getting new clients, while simultaneously handling the existing one takes over, the real struggles of the small business owners begin. And if you are already a pro at tackling such situations, the pandemic brings you some unprecedented challenges that no one has ever seen or imagined. For a small business, time is not much in their favour but instead of getting rattled by such challenges, small busin

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